Homeopathy for Morning Sickness

Homeopathy forMorningSickness
I had completely horrific morning sickness during both of my pregnancies. During my first I pretty much survived on energy drinks and babybel cheese but thankfully by the time I was pregnant with my second I had discovered the wonders of homeopathy. I had spent about 3 weeks, lying on the sofa, experiencing 24/7 nausea. I could barely move around the house. I had tried ‘everything’ to ease it and if one more person suggested “ginger biscuits” or “dry crackers” to me I was going to buy some just to shove up their arse!

However, luckily for me, there WAS something that would work! I emailed a homeopath who I had seen before and she posted me a remedy and it was like MAGIC! Honestly, I no longer felt like I was slowly dying and I’m sure my then-three-year-old son was equally happy that Mummy was no longer doing a very good impression of a salted slug in the living room! Actually it was this (and one other) drastic improvement that inspired me to become a homeopath!

As always with homeopathy there are a variety of possible remedies that may help with morning sickness, and it is best to go and see a homeopath to help you select the correct remedy and dosage, BUT I will list some of the most common ones here and hope that I can pass on the gift of relief from torturous nausea and retching! ❤

Nux Vomica:
You feel seriously irritated with everything. It’s like you’ve got a hangover but didn’t get to have any fun. There is nausea and vomiting comes on suddenly and may feel like someone is twisting your insides at the same time. To top it all off you can’t even poop easily.
You feel overwhelmed, like maybe this was a terrible idea, the responsibilities are piling up and you’re incapacitated and weepy. You hate ALL THE SMELLS. Dear God why does everyone smell so bad?! Don’t even think about bringing food near you. Actually don’t even think about food. Sorry, you probably feel worse now… Nausea, retching, not much actual vomiting. You’re exhausted and feel like you’re slowly dissolving and everyone can bugger off.
Constant nausea but worse in the morning (oh joy!), your saliva glands are having some sort of spit party and even when you do vomit there is no relief.
There’s a metallic taste in your mouth. You’re ok if you stay still but if you move it’s like you’re seasick and it’s a bit difficult to stay that still when you’re a human and not a plant. You have no appetite and aren’t sleeping properly. You feel chilly and feel worse in the afternoon.
Nausea that is worse if you’re in a warm stuffy room or particularly bad if you smell tobacco smoke. Awful motion sickness when in a car that is made slightly better if you open the window and stick your face in the breeze like a crazy dog.
You neeeed a fizzy drink, like now. Your nausea is slightly better if you curl up in a ball. Even just the thought of food may make you gag, especially fish and eggs. Bleugh. Motion is bad!
You keep randomly crying at everything, you poor thing! You’re craving sweet, fatty foods but they actually make you feel worse when you eat them. You also have a blinding headache above your eyes and would really just like a hug right now.
The most commonly available dosage is 30c which will be fine and you only need to take one dose when you need it. (Make sure you are buying the homeopathic form of these remedies, not the herbal remedy form). If you notice your symptoms have improved then that’s great, it means you’ve selected the right remedy (yay!) and you only need to take another dose when you start to feel crap again (for me that was only one dose a week, but it may well be different for you). Once you reach about week 12/13 of your pregnancy you may find your morning sickness greatly improves anyway due to the placenta taking over hormone production, but sadly some of us do suffer for longer, so keep taking the remedy for as long as you need it. If you can’t decide which remedy to take or have other debilitating symptoms then you should seek the help of a homeopath (feel free to contact me, via the menu up there^).
Also remember to treat yourself kindly during this time. Growing an entirely new human being is HARD work. Try to remember to rest. Yeah Jane from work might have glowed her entire pregnancy and worked up until 40 weeks effortlessly while still going jogging every morning and eating healthy fruit platters, but if all you can manage today is a packet of crisps and a nap then that is fine. Don’t add to the misery by being a bitch to yourself too! ❤
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