Homeopathy For The Summer Holidays

Homeopathy For The Summer Holidays 1

So the School Summer Holidays are nearly upon us in the UK and with them come the possibility of extra health challenges that homeopathy can help us with. Adventures, camping and trips to the seaside can mean bug bites, sunburn, scrapes and falls and grumpy children who refuse to sleep! I’ve listed some of the most used remedies for these issues below, but as always, if you feel like your child needs more immediate medical attention, then obviously get on that! (Disclaimers ftw).

Bumps, Bruises, Sprains & Aches:

Arnica is my go to for bumps and bruises, sprains and when you’ve overdone it on a hike because you’ve forgotten you’re not still in your 20s. Also we use Nelson’s brand Arnica cooling gel which my slightly-over-dramatic 3 Year Old ‘needs’ when she injures herself!

Bee & Wasp Stings, Mosquito & Midge Bites:

Apis is great for relieving both bee and wasp stings that are hot and painful. For mozzie and midge bites that have swollen up and made a ridiculous blister that itches like hell you want Staphysagria or Ledum, also Satphysagria has been shown to help as a preventative if your blood milkshake brings all the bugs to the yard.

summer forest adventure


Nux Vomica is perfect if the kids have shoved waaaay too much ice cream in to themselves and feel sick, or if you have had one too many Pimms watching Wimbeldon.


Absorbing some vitamin D is awesome but Cantharis is what you need if you accidentally get sunburnt, which is possible in this ridiculously sunny weather we’re currently having in the UK. We also use Badger brand Anti-Bug Sunscreen which is great as it has bug repellent in it as well, so killing two birds, or er, bugs. Aloe Vera gel is very soothing as after sun as well. Cantharis is also a good choice if you happen to burn yourself on the BBQ too!

Heat Rash & Stinging Nettle Injuries:

Urtica is made from stinging nettles and is excellent for treating nettle rash. It also works great if your little one is suffering from heat rash during this weather, especially if they’re getting sweaty on a night.

seaside family fun

Grumpy Sleep-Refusing Children:

Extra excitement, sunny evenings and generally being out-of-routine, the holidays can play havoc with our kids’ abilities to sleep. Chamomilla is renowned for being a soothing and calming remedy, often given to teething babies it is great for relaxing grumpy kids.
Another good choice is Coffea if your child is all super hyper and restless.


There are so many different remedies for hayfever depending on your symptoms, but one good choice that is made of a combination of remedies is ‘Hayfever 30c’ by Helios. If you can’t get hold of that though then try to match your symptoms to one of these: Euphrasia if your eyes are running and burning but your nose is running and NOT burning. Allium if your eyes are running but NOT burning but your nose is running and IS burning (basically Euphrasia and Allium are opposites here) Allium is made from onions so think typical onion-crying symptoms. Sabadilla is what you need if everything is so itchy you want to claw your own face off, everything is watering and you are having violent bouts of sneezing.

With any of these remedies I would choose 30c to give as a ‘first-aid’ dose, and then repeat every 30-60 minutes for something that is acute or painful, until relief is felt and then stop (sometimes you will only need one dose).

Here’s to a summer of adventures with our children! ❤

family summer

Kiddos feeling impending doom about the end of the holidays? Check out my article on how to Beat Back to School Anxiety

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