Homeopathic Remedies for Insomnia & Sleep Troubles

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A good night’s sleep is so important to our wellbeing. Lack of sleep has such a large knock-on effect on the rest of our lives (and the people who have to live with us!) that problems in this area can be really debilitating.

Obviously sometimes our lack of sleep is difficult to solve, especially if it is small children who happen to be stealing it! However often it feels like it is our own brains sabotaging a good night’s rest and thankfully there is something we can do about that.

First it is a good idea to take a look at your evening routine (or lack of one!) to see if there’s anything obvious that is preventing sleep. Is that coffee at 8pm really a good idea? Are you arguing with idiots on the internet from your phone in bed, getting yourself all worked up?

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Some ideas for creating a peaceful and relaxing bedtime routine:
  • Don’t look at your phone in bed (I find this hard, I like to browse Pinterest! lol), it’s not just the light emitted that can prevent your body feeling sleepy, but it ‘excites’ your mind, all that new information causing ideas, opinions and emotions are not what you need at bed time.
  • Make sure that your bed and room are as comfortable as possible, remove any electronics or clocks that make annoying noises, make sure your bed is comfy and snuggly.
  • Don’t eat too much too close to bed time – while you don’t want to be hungry either, you don’t want your body busy trying to digest a big meal as this may keep you awake!
  • If you find it hard to get to sleep because you’re thinking about all the things you have to do tomorrow you could try ‘brain dump’ your thoughts into a journal before going to bed. I usually write myself a to-do list for the next day so I can ‘let go’ of those thoughts and relax.
  • Try squeeze in some Yoga in the evening. I always find this helps me sleep better because it gets rid of the days aches and pains so I’m more comfy and y’know, exercise is just generally good for us!
  • Avoid stimulating drinks and alcohol in the evening. I’ve had people tell me that they “only drink coffee in the morning, I have tea instead in the afternoon” but (normal & green) tea still contains caffeine! So if you want a hot drink go for a herbal tea or decaff coffee/tea. Also while you might feel that alcohol helps you drift off to sleep, it does actually cause disturbed sleep later on in the night, so it’s not a good idea.
  • Try a magnesium supplement – magnesium is awesome for relaxing your nervous system. I’ve been taking one recently and notice that I get much deeper, refreshing sleep on nights when I remember to take it! I take an oral supplement but you can also try epsom salt baths or rub magnesium oil in to your skin (although it can sting a bit if you’re deficient!) I’ve also given this magnesium liquid to my son who was having difficulty falling asleep as he’s quite an anxious child and he said that he felt this helped him relax.

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As well as sorting a more sleep-friendly routine, here are some homeopathic remedies that can help with sleep troubles. As usual there are a wide variety of remedies that could help so I’ve not listed them all here, this is just a selection and if none of these seem to fit with your symptoms then you should consult a homeopath for more advice.

You feel super excited and overstimulated, your brain is still going a million miles a minute and just wont shut the hell up so you can go to sleep! Sometimes you manage to get to sleep but then wake again at 3am and only sleep lightly, you wake at the smallest noise. Crazy dreams.

Nux Vomica:
You can’t get to sleep because you’re overthinking everything. You wake at 3am but can’t get back to sleep until sunrise when you finally nod off, have dreams full of frantic hurrying or arguing and then wake late feeling shattered.  Also useful if you can’t sleep due to overindulgence of stimulants, alcohol or food.

Arum Metallicum:
Insomnia related to depression, you wake at 4 or 5am and can’t get back to sleep. You feel miserable and may have thoughts of self-harm.

You are worried about going to bed. You fear you might die or see ghosts. You suffer from nightmares that make you feel anxious. You may toss and turn in bed and feel agitated.

You feel massively sleep deprived because you are being constantly woken by others requiring your care (children, ailing people, elderly). They wake you up and then you struggle to get back off, knowing that they will probably wake you again. Also useful for short-term use if suffering from jet-lag.

Arsen Alb:
You can’t get off to sleep because you’re trying to solve a problem, your thoughts need to be ordered before you can relax. You feel restless and thirsty. Sleep is worse after midnight.

Dosage wise I would say that one dose of 6c before bed would be a good starting place (although remember to wait about 15 mins after or before brushing your teeth or eating as these could stop it working properly) but if you only have 30c to hand that would be okay too.

Also Helios do a great Sleep Remedy combination product (which actually won an award for best herbal/homeopathic remedy in 2016!) which is easily available from Amazon.

Hopefully something here will be the key to you getting a more restful night’s sleep! ❤

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