Info For 1:1 Clients

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If you get in touch to book a Wellbeing Consultation with me I will send a link to some initial forms that need filling in before our session – this includes a brief medical history and a couple of other questions about your self-care routine.

Once you’ve filled those in I will then respond and arrange a session time with you and will send you an invoice via PayPal that must be paid before our session starts.

Here you can see the consultation fees:

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If this is your first ever session with me then the ‘Initial Consultation’ fee will apply and as this first session is longer than follow-up appointments. Subsequent sessions are charged at the follow-up fee or first-aid/acute fee depending on what you contact me for, also I might point out that acute help is often available fairly promptly, but I do have two children and I do like to sleep at night, so I’m not available 24/7! Obviously if you have an urgent serious medical problem you should contact NHS Direct on 111 (in the UK) or 999 if it is an emergency.

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Wellbeing Consultations are carried out via instant messenger chats starting at your appointment time. I can currently offer sessions via Facebook Messenger or Skype’s IM/text chat facility (not video). The reason for this is because most of my clients are fellow mothers who may want to talk while nursing a sleepy baby, or while their children are around – and as we all know, it is often impossible to talk uninterrupted by demands from the little ones and this is less of a problem via text chat! Also as an introvert I like to offer a service that makes fellow introverts feel at ease as it dissipates some of the anxiety about talking to someone face-to-face or over the phone. 

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At the end of your session I will select a suitable homeopathic remedy if needed, which will be posted out to you (or if it is something acute and you have a local supplier of homeopathic medicines I can let you know which to purchase), write up a summary with any goals/tips/meal plans and arrange any follow-up sessions if necessary. 

I will send you information on how to take your remedy either via email or post but you can also check out the information online here.

If you would like to review the privacy policy or GDPR data protection policy you can do so online here too (but it is also emailed to you before your appointment)

You can view patient testimonials here (if you would like to add a testimonial to the website please email me or use the contact form on the site)

If you have any questions not covered here you can contact me, or check out the FAQ page here.