“I was suffering from terrible morning sickness when I contacted Kirstie, she was able to send me something that helped loads and meant I could get on with my life, I would highly recommend her services.” ~ C

“Kirstie was really helpful when I contacted her about my insomnia, I now get a much better quality of sleep and feel less fatigued because of this. Homeopathy is awesome!”  ~ S

“I contacted Kirstie about my son who has trouble sleeping due to his ASD. He used to wake up at 3 am every night and now he sleeps through! It’s an amazing improvement and has positively impacted the whole family. I would definitely contact Kirstie again if I needed help with something else.”  ~ J

“My painful periods are a thing of the past! I am grateful to Kirstie for offering to help and really glad that I gave homeopathy a go, the remedy worked really quickly and I feel so much better.” ~ A

“I am so pleased that I decided to give homeopathy a try! I had reached a dead-end with conventional treatment for my eczema but Kirstie gave me a remedy that has cleared it up completely!” ~ F

” Kirstie is a brilliant homeopath and guide. She is thorough and found availability for me ASAP. Kirstie provided me with a detailed plan of what to do when I had mastitis. She was very understanding and listened attentively. I was cleared of the mastitis on following Kirstie’s advice and saw great improvement instantly. I’d highly recommend using Kirstie’s services.” ~ L