Holistic Wellbeing Mentor & Homeopath. Yorkshire lass. Mother of two. Nurturer of happiness. Lover of Star Wars, cheese and carrot cake (simultaneously or separately!)


Welcome to Kirstie Anne Wellbeing & Homeopathy! I’m here to help you find solutions to your health woes using the power of homeopathy and a big dollop of holistic care.

There have been several times in my life when allopathic medicine just didn’t have the answers to my problems. I was told that I just had to put up with my symptoms, that I would have to take certain medications for life, that I various side-effects were ‘normal’ and I should just deal with it!

Well, that just wasn’t good enough for me!

Luckily I discovered homeopathy and I was so amazed at the transformative healing that it offered and the increased quality of life that I now experience because of it. This quickly turned in to a passion to learn more about it and to then share this with others so that they too can benefit.

So I gained qualifications in both homeopathy and psychology and now write about ways that you can use homeopathy in your life too, to enhance your wellbeing and ultimately your life.

I am also a registered member of the Complementary Medical Association.

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” Kirstie is a brilliant homeopath and guide. She is thorough and found availability for me ASAP. Kirstie provided me with a detailed plan of what to do when I had mastitis. She was very understanding and listened attentively. I was cleared of the mastitis on following Kirstie’s advice and saw great improvement instantly. I’d … Continue reading

“Kirstie was really helpful when I contacted her about my insomnia, I now get a much better quality of sleep and feel less fatigued because of this. Homeopathy is awesome!”  ~ S

“My painful periods are a thing of the past! I am grateful to Kirstie for offering to help and really glad that I gave homeopathy a go, the remedy worked really quickly and I feel so much better.” ~ A