Holistic Wellbeing Mentor. Yorkshire lass. Mother of two. Nurturer of happiness. Lover of Star Wars, cheese and carrot cake (simultaneously or separately!)


Welcome to Kirstie Anne Wellbeing & Homeopathy! I’m here to help you find solutions to your health woes using the power of homeopathy and a big dollop of holistic care.

There have been several times in my life when allopathic medicine just didn’t have the answers to my problems. I was told that I just had to put up with my symptoms, that I would have to take certain medications for life, that I various side-effects were ‘normal’ and I should just deal with it!

Well, that just wasn’t good enough for me!

Luckily I discovered homeopathy and I was so amazed at the transformative healing that it offered and the increased quality of life that I now experience because of it. This quickly turned in to a passion to learn more about it and to then share this with others so that they too can benefit.

So I gained qualifications in both homeopathy and psychology and now write about ways that you can use homeopathy in your life too, to enhance your wellbeing and ultimately your life.

Thanks for joining me here ❤


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