Back To Basics With Self Care

It's too late, you've crashed. It was fine. Everything was 'fine', you didn't need any help, all the plates were spinning, it was great, you were coping, it was 'fine'. Except that now you're suddenly running on empty, and you're annoyed you didn't see that coming (again) and the darkness wants to pull you under … Continue reading Back To Basics With Self Care

CBA Cookery: Super Easy Curry Recipe (gf, df)

I'm back with another recipe that is perfect for those days when you just can't be arsed but need to rustle up something that resembles actual food. My Super Easy Curry recipe is almost so insultingly simple that actual foodies will probably be horrified... but it's delicious so I'm giving no fucks! Again this is … Continue reading CBA Cookery: Super Easy Curry Recipe (gf, df)

New Baby? Don’t Forget To Look After Yourself Too!

  New to this parenthood thing? Feel like you can barely deal with keeping this tiny human alive, let alone have time to look after yourself? Well, you're not alone. There's a whole heap of overwhelm when you become a parent. Perhaps the birth was traumatic but you've barely had time to process it. You're … Continue reading New Baby? Don’t Forget To Look After Yourself Too!

Homeopathy For The Summer Holidays

So the School Summer Holidays are nearly upon us in the UK and with them come the possibility of extra health challenges that homeopathy can help us with. Adventures, camping and trips to the seaside can mean bug bites, sunburn, scrapes and falls and grumpy children who refuse to sleep! I've listed some of the … Continue reading Homeopathy For The Summer Holidays