Vegan Recipe Roundup: Winter Comfort Food

You might be thinking: Kirstie, it’s practically spring, isn’t a bit late for an article about Winter comfort food? And yes, you’re right, but apparently this took me a lot longer to get around to finishing than I originally thought! So here it is anyway! 😂

I know many people seem to launch themselves in to diet-salad mode on January 1st, but I am not one of those people! I stay firmly in ‘comfort food’ mode until about April, when I might consider eating a salad!  Here I’ve collected some of my favourite Winter-warmer recipes from the website, but also treating you to a couple of new recipes and ideas too❤️

Pink Hot Chocolate:

pink hot chocolate in a fox mug with dairy free whipped cream on top sugar free

Starting with the only drink in this list – This is one of my favourites, sweet and silky but with a little health kick, just what you need to brighten a gloomy day. >recipe here<

Easy Burritos:

easy vegan burrito recipe. Filling on an open tortilla waiting for cheese

I shared these on my Instagram stories the other day (I have a highlight of ‘meal inspo’ if you need any more ideas!) and these are a really quick way of feeding the kids. In a non-stick pan I chuck in some veggie mince and some frozen peppers, sautee until doneish and then chuck in a whole tin of mixed beans in tomato sauce (like a tin of baked beans, which would also work, but contains a mixture of different beans for variety!). I add to this some smoked paprika and squeezy garlic, then serve with some tortillas, or for my gluten free husband I chuck the filling on a jacket potato. My kids quite like some crunchy lettuce in their wraps too and some vegan grated cheese. If you wanted it spicy you could  add chilli flakes too, but my kids like them mild so I leave it at the paprika.

Coconut Curry:

coconut 'chicken' korma vegan gluten free recipe

This is a must for lazy days and only uses one pan (if you’re microwaving your rice like me!) >recipe here<

Chestnut and Parsnip Soup:

dairy free chestnut and parsnip soup recipe in a bowl on a wooden chopping board

Smooth and creamy despite being vegan with a rich chestnut flavour. >recipe here<

Moroccan Tagine:

vegan moroccan tagine recipe in a blue bowl

Another really easy recipe, just chuck all the ingredients in the slow cooker – you don’t even have to chop any of the veg! Deliciously fruity with warming spices that let me imagine living somewhere a little more exotic than here! >recipe here<

Veggie Noodles:

easy vegan ramen noodles gluten free in a red bowl on a gold charger

My husband loves ramen and this is my take on it, possibly not entirely authentic, but tasty nevertheless! I usually use gluten free spaghetti instead of noodles because they’re easily available in my local supermarket, which I just boil while I’m making the rest of the dish. In a separate pan I usually chuck in some sugar snap peas, baby sweetcorn, finely sliced carrots, cabbage, a bit of dried seaweed, some white miso, sweet chilli sauce, henderson’s relish or a vegan ‘fish’ sauce, ginger, garlic and some water to make a broth. Then when I assemble it in the bowl I add some chopped spring onion, sesame seeds and chilli flakes to the top. My husband (who is not 100% vegan/plant based) also likes a boiled egg in his.

Tomato And Ginger Soup:

vegan tomato and ginger soup in a bowl on a plate with a spoon and a pitta bread

This is my favourite soup, the ginger in it is warming and zingy, which is the perfect pick-me-up on a grey day! >recipe here<

Super Easy Veggie Curry:

Another chuck-it-in-the-slow-cooker recipe and this also doesn’t involve chopping anything so it’s perfect for days when you have zero spoons left to deal with feeding everyone! >recipe here<

Cheat’s Mushroom Risotto:

easy mushroom and spinach risotto recipe gluten free and vegan

This is stodgy and comforting but packed full of vitamins, as it’s a ‘cheat’ risotto you barely have to bother stirring it too, which is a bonus! (Because let’s face it, if we spend 20 minutes stood at the stove stirring something then all hell is likely to break loose elsewhere in the house isn’t it?!) >recipe here<

Spiced Rice Pudding:

spiced dairy free rice pudding recipe with dried fruit in a bowl on a table

Dairy-free, sugar free and filled with winter spices for that perfect hug-in-a-bowl that you sometimes need on a chilly afternoon! (or perhaps as leftovers for breakfast?!) >recipe here<


rhubarb and ginger gluten free crumble recipe close up with dairy free custard

This links to my Ginger & Rhubarb, which I feel is more of a springtime recipe, but the gluten-free, vegan topping I use can be chucked over any fruit you like! Apple, raisin and cinnamon or cherry, chocolate and cinnamon are two of my family’s faves in Wintertime. >recipe here<

5 Minute Chocolate Mug Pudding:

gluten free vegan chocolate mug cake recipe pudding with dairy free custard

Another must for those days when you have no energy or motivation but everyone insists that you’re in charge of the feeding around here! 5 minutes, no dairy, no gluten and no sugar! Yay! >recipe here<

Black Bean Brownies:

Sounds weird, but they’re great for an afternoon indulgence with a side of protein and fibre! The kids were dubious but admitted that they can’t even taste the beans!

Chocolate Chestnut Spread on Everything!

dairy free vegan nutella spread in a glass jar on a table

If all else fails just slather this on everything, it’s dairy free and sugar free so it’s a great plant-based alternative to nutella. >recipe here<

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