Gluten Free Chocolate Breakfast Muffins

There has been so much going on 'behind the scenes' here that I've not had much chance to dabble in any delicious recipes lately! Also what with all this Brexit shambles going on there's a part of my brain that keeps worrying about whether I should be panic buying tinned mangoes and wondering why my … Continue reading Gluten Free Chocolate Breakfast Muffins

5 Minute Chocolate Mug Pudding (gf, df, sf, vegan)

Sometimes I just NEED something sweet and stodgy and I don't want to wait for it! I first discovered this recipe when I had to be dairy-free years ago and the corner shop never had any dairy-free cake when I wanted to impulse buy some at 8pm! These days anything I bake has to be … Continue reading 5 Minute Chocolate Mug Pudding (gf, df, sf, vegan)

Gluten Free Yorkshire Parkin Recipe

Parkin is traditional Autumn fodder in the North of England. There's the biscuit-y kind and the sponge-cake-y kind and many different variations of the recipe for it. Predominantly hailing from West Yorkshire and Lancashire it is traditionally eaten on Bonfire night, but I tend to shove it in my face for most of autumn! This … Continue reading Gluten Free Yorkshire Parkin Recipe

CBA Cookery: Easy Vegetarian Bolognaise Recipe

  This recipe is super easy, for those days when you're surprised you had the energy to drag yourself out of bed but apparently you have to be a responsible parent and keep everyone alive! I usually save some of the bolognaise sauce to make in to chilli the next day by chucking a tin … Continue reading CBA Cookery: Easy Vegetarian Bolognaise Recipe

Carrot Cake Traybake Recipe (gf, df)

I absolutely love carrot cake, it is my favourite! I once said that if I could get paid to do anything, then I would like to travel the world eating carrot cakes and reviewing them... which in hindsight, seems a little silly! This is not a 'healthy' recipe (sorry!) but going on the basis of … Continue reading Carrot Cake Traybake Recipe (gf, df)

CBA Cookery: Super Green Soup Recipe

  Hello again! Back today with another instalment of the 'Can't Be Arsed' Cookery series - recipes for when you have zero cooking mojo but could really do with something resembling actual food! This veggie soup recipe is seriously easy but packed with nutrients thanks to the awesome spinach and also happens to be gluten … Continue reading CBA Cookery: Super Green Soup Recipe

Winter Wellness: Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Hey there! Back today with an awesome winter wellness recipe for you - Elderberry syrup! Elderberries are renowned for being flu-fighting and full of vitamin C, this recipe turns them into a syrup that you can take by the spoonful to ward off bugs and also as a base for a delicious hot drink that … Continue reading Winter Wellness: Elderberry Syrup Recipe

CBA Cookery: Coronation Chickpea Deli Filler Recipe (gf, df, v)

  Helloooo again! I'm back with another super easy 'CBA Cookery' recipe! This recipe series is for days when you have no mojo but need to feed yourself something vaguely resembling actual food, or maybe you have a partner or children that are demanding you feed them (AGAIN!) and you need to pretend you're not … Continue reading CBA Cookery: Coronation Chickpea Deli Filler Recipe (gf, df, v)

Super Easy Three Bean & Mint Recipe (gf)

      Today I'm sharing a super easy Three Bean & Mint salad recipe. This is not quite part of my 'CBA Cookery' recipe series because it does actually involve chopping something *gasp*! However it is still pretty quick to chuck together and makes a great side at a BBQ or alone as a … Continue reading Super Easy Three Bean & Mint Recipe (gf)