Wild Garlic Hummus (df, gf, vegan)

Wild garlic is a delicious Spring treat! Fab made in to pesto, or chucked in a soup, it also is excellent in hummus! This is a super easy recipe, best made in a food processor, however we only have a blender and manage with that, it's just a bit of a pain in the arse! … Continue reading Wild Garlic Hummus (df, gf, vegan)

Hot Cross Cookies (df, gf, vegan)

It's nearly Ostara and Easter and what better way to celebrate than with biscuits? I do love regular hot cross buns, but making them both vegan and gluten free is a little on the challenging side! Biscuits however, is more in my range of ability! (Although I've named these cookies because I like the alliteration!) … Continue reading Hot Cross Cookies (df, gf, vegan)

Vegan Recipe Roundup: Winter Comfort Food

You might be thinking: Kirstie, it's practically spring, isn't a bit late for an article about Winter comfort food? And yes, you're right, but apparently this took me a lot longer to get around to finishing than I originally thought! So here it is anyway! 😂 I know many people seem to launch themselves in … Continue reading Vegan Recipe Roundup: Winter Comfort Food

Dairy Free Spiced Rice Pudding (gf, vegan, sf)

I love a slow cooker pudding because usually it just involves lobbing a load of tasty stuff in at once and then ignoring it until it's ready for eating! I make this rice pudding often, but usually I just wing it, however, just for you, I actually measured, weighed and timed things! Lucky you! Rice … Continue reading Dairy Free Spiced Rice Pudding (gf, vegan, sf)

Dark Chocolate Ginger Cookies (gf, df, vegan)

The festive season is the perfect time for home made baked goods and dark chocolate and ginger is a delicious classic combo. Slightly more fancy than just regular choc-chip but not too much extra effort! These cookies are gluten free, dairy free and vegan. They're made with coconut sugar, which reduces the sugar content and … Continue reading Dark Chocolate Ginger Cookies (gf, df, vegan)

Chocolate Chestnut Spread (df, gf, sf, vegan)

This recipe was an experiment on a dull day last week. 'Second Lockdown' had just begun in England, the US election was causing some unsettling background anxiety and I'd just had two fairly sizeable bad pieces of news (this is 2020 after all, nothing is allowed to go right is it?!). I'd foraged a bag … Continue reading Chocolate Chestnut Spread (df, gf, sf, vegan)

Smooth Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe

Chia seeds are awesome! Chock full of nutrients such as manganese, magnesium, omega 3, calcium, fibre, protein and B vitamins! Chia pudding is fab way for getting healthy food in to your little ones, because everyone loves dessert, right? For some people though the texture is kinda gross and slimy and for some kids (and … Continue reading Smooth Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe

Lavender & Ginger Biscuits (gf, df, sf, vegan)

I love using lavender in cooking! The flowers are such a gorgeous purple colour and the smell is just heavenly. Many people report that the scent of lavender makes them feel more relaxed and less stressed, which can only be a good thing and I personally think a biscuit always cheers me up! These biscuits … Continue reading Lavender & Ginger Biscuits (gf, df, sf, vegan)

Dairy & Soy-Free Yoghurt Recipe

Sometimes it can be tricky or expensive to find a soy-free vegan yoghurt at the supermarket, even if there is a lot more choice now than there was 10 years ago when I first went dairy free! My youngest child is both dairy and soy intolerant and so making my own soy-free yoghurt has been … Continue reading Dairy & Soy-Free Yoghurt Recipe

Gluten Free ‘Breakfast Pastries’ (df, sf, gf, vegan)

My eldest requested I make 'Pop Tarts' a few weeks ago and well, I aim to please! The regular toaster pastries are choc full of wheat, dairy and sugar and so they haven't made an appearance in the house for quite some time! In fact I'm not even sure that my youngest has ever had … Continue reading Gluten Free ‘Breakfast Pastries’ (df, sf, gf, vegan)