7 Gifts That Aren’t Booze

Now, I’m not here to be a massive kill-joy, but it’s that time of year again when well-meaning people start gifting alcohol to people they don’t know very well, and I want to encourage you to think a moment before you start flinging your festive wine about!

Drinking alcohol is such an integrated part of our society that if you don’t drink people think you must be either pregnant, religious, an ex-alcoholic or some sort of loony. It’s just everywhere! I only noticed it once I had stopped drinking, but encouragement to consume alcohol is part of so many things we (as a society) do.

Had a bad day? Drown your sorrows! Had a good day? Celebrate with a drink! Mummy needs a gin! Prosecco-bloody-everything! And stuck for a gift? Everyone loves wine! (Newsflash: no they don’t!)

In our household it’s usually my husband who is given some from work colleagues and he accepts it politely, then it’s either regifted to someone else or it ends up sat in a cupboard for months! I know they are well-meaning and I appreciate the gesture but maybe this is a cultural habit we need to kick. 

Think about it, if you don’t know someone well enough to buy them a thoughtful present, do you know them well enough to know whether they even drink alcohol? Are they allergic to beer? Do you know if they have a drinking problem? Would you want to add to that problem? What about if that gift fuels domestic abuse?

I’m not saying never buy anyone alcohol, if you know someone who seriously appreciates a bottle of their favourite tipple then that’s great (and also if you don’t drink, you might have to regift that wine somewhere!) but if you are stuck with what to get someone you don’t know very well then here are some suggestions that would be better (and healthier!) than random booze.

1. No Gift At All:

In the spirit of Martin Lewis of MoneySavingExpert why not ditch the unnecessary gifts this year? He suggests that buying people presents can make them feel obliged to give you something too, which might actually cause them stress or put them in to debt. So wouldn’t it be better for everyone (and probably the planet too – less waste!) if we keep our gift lists short and sweet and personal this year. If it’s the thought that genuinely counts, why not give a card?

2. Plants:

At this time of year you’d probably be best with a house plant of some kind, you could opt for a fancy festive poinsettia or something hard to kill (since you might not know if they are green-fingered!) like a cute succulent. 

3.  Fancy Warm Beverage:

It’s cold here in the UK, everyone is in need of warming up! You could try a luxury hot chocolate (Aldi have some nice Salted Caramel hot choc in at the moment that looks fancy enough for gifting!) or a festive herbal tea like this delicious Christmas Tea from Yogi

4. A Mug: 

There are sooo many options here, you could get them an eco-friendly travel mug, a novelty colour-changing mug or an enamel mug if you know they like the outdoors. This is one of my favourite mugs:

5. Ridiculous Novelty Festive Gift:

You could just go all-out ridiculous… like this reindeer antler hoopla or this beard bunting or how about these bauble drinking glasses

6. A Gift Card:

Something that everyone will use such as one for a major bookstore like Waterstones or for a fancy food shop they might not usually shop in such as M&S.

7. A Book That You Love:

If you want to give something a bit more personal why not gift a book that you have read and loved? Have you read something life-changing this year that just NEEDS to be shared with everyone? Gift knowledge and joy. 

Happy gifting folks! ❤ 

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