Nobody Ever Has All Their Shit Together, And That Is Okay

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When you were a kid, did you remember thinking that grown-ups had all the answers and knew what they were doing? That you too would one day know what you were doing … like that was the goal, that was being an adult. But then as you grew up you realised that you still have no idea what you’re doing and that makes you feel a bit panicked because surely you should be all competent and knowledgeable and have all your shit together by now right?… right?! And then the realisation dawns… none of these adults know what they’re doing, your parents were just winging it and having all your shit together seems impossible!

Well, it seems impossible because it is. You will literally NEVER have all of your shit together, and that is okay. Don’t fight it. Don’t think ‘but if I just batch cooked… ‘ or ‘if I just write more to-do lists…’ or ‘if I was just more organised…’. There is no magic fix.

Nobody else has their shit together, it’s just that some *look* like they do. Everyone is dropping balls. Nobody is perfect.  Like shovelling snow in a blizzard or tidying up after a 3 year old; when you organise one area beautifully, it all goes to hell somewhere else!

That isn’t to say you should just give up right now and go sit in a corner and cry though. It’s just that there is a small sense of peace when you accept that the whole concept of ‘having your shit together’ is a lie, so don’t keep trying to reach it and feeling like a failure for not getting there. Don’t keep waiting for the ‘perfect’ time or scenario before doing something important to you or you’ll blink and it will suddenly be too late. Live your messy, imperfect life right now. Maybe consider if you are trying to juggle and impossible amount of balls, is it time to give some of them up? Celebrate the times when something is going well (even if there’s a mess somewhere else!) and keep focusing on the things that you ARE getting right. Sometimes all we need is a little nudge to shift our perspective so we can nurture some happiness within.

Cut yourself some slack, you’ve got this ❤
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