Super Easy Three Bean & Mint Salad Recipe (gf)

Easy Three Bean & Mint Salad Recipe (1)

Today I’m sharing a super easy Three Bean & Mint salad recipe. This is not quite part of my ‘CBA Cookery’ recipe series because it does actually involve chopping something *gasp*! However it is still pretty quick to chuck together and makes a great side at a BBQ or alone as a healthy lunch (although I must admit that I have eaten it straight out of the box that I mix it up in!)

It’s a pretty forgiving recipe, the main parts are the beans, the mint and the feta, anything else can be chucked in or omitted, depending on what you have loitering in your fridge!

Easy Three Bean & Mint Salad (gluten free) (serves 1-2)
– 1x can of mixed bean salad
– 1x tsp of mint sauce (I’ve used the kind from a jar although if you have fresh mint and make your own, that would be lovely, alas my 3 year old keeps eating all my chuffing mint straight from the plant before I get to cook with it!)
– Tomatoes – I like baby plum ones, you use whichever you fancy (optional)
– Salad leaves of choice
– Feta (or ‘salad cheese’ in this case, because it’s cheaper! Veganify with Violife ‘Greek Style Block) )
– Avocado
– Also I found a pouch of green olives in the cupboard (not pictured) so I shoved them in too!
– Salt & pepper to taste
– Grated cheese (optional, veganify with fake cheese of choice – I like the Violife stuff)

easy bean recipe ingredients

Drain the can of mixed bean salad, chop the tomatoes, feta & avocado and chuck in a bowl together with the olives. I actually mix mine in a plastic box because if I don’t eat it all I can pop it in the fridge!
Add 1 teaspoon of mint sauce and mix it through, taste and see if you need a bit more, add salt and pepper too if needed.
easy bean salad recipe
easy bean salad recipe

To serve, shove it on a bed of salad or mix it up with some salad leaves, whatever floats your boat. I smother mine in Mexicana cheese because it’s delicious and I’d probably eat it with anything, but the salad is pretty tasty just by itself out of the box!
three bean and mint salad recipe
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