CBA Cookery: Super Easy Curry Recipe (gf, df, vegan)

super easy curry recipe
I’m back with another recipe that is perfect for those days when you just can’t be arsed but need to rustle up something that resembles actual food.
My Super Easy Curry recipe is almost so insultingly simple that actual foodies will probably be horrified… but it’s delicious so I’m giving no fucks!

Again this is made with frugal ingredients that you can easily store in your cupboards until a full-on case of the meh’s strike and it is made using the slow cooker (we have this one) for minimal supervision requirements, but could easily be warmed up on a stove top instead. Also if you’ve not had a curry with fruit in before then you’re missing out! Bananas is my fave but the peaches are delicious in this. Chickpeas are full of B vitamins and folate that are essential for brain health as well as other awesome nutrients and the garam masala spice is gently warming and comforting.
Super Easy Curry (gluten & dairy free, Vegan). Serves 2 – 3 adults depending how hungry you are and whether you serve it with rice or naan.
1 x can of ratatouille (yay, your veggies are already chopped!)
1 x can of chickpeas
1 x can of peach slices
1 x stock cube of choice
A squeeze or two of garlic puree (optional)
A liberal shake of garam masala
Drain the peaches and the chickpeas and literally just chuck everything in the slow cooker, mix it up, leave it on high for 2-3 hours. If you wanted to stretch this meal to some extra mouths you could chuck in one of those bags of microwave rice, pilau works well!
So there you go, really easy, super tasty, takes about 5 minutes of prep! This keeps well in the freezer too for even less effort another day.
Enjoyed this recipe? Does your family have any favourite CBA recipes? Let me know in the comments!
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