My Favourite Organising Items!

My Favourite Planning Stuff

So, I bloody love stationery! There’s just something about September and that general feeling of newness that comes with it. I could blame too many years in Education (both as a student and for work) and my general love of Autumn, but it really feels more like ‘new year’ than actual new year! And new year means new diary and with that comes that (possibly delusional) belief that I will be super organised and life will be easier because of it! And that is just a lovely optimistic feeling, so I’m embracing it.

New Family Life Book 2019 by Boxclever Press Diary Red

I also really love making lists. My brain always seems to travel at a million miles a minute and a good old ‘brain dump’ out on to paper somewhere is necessary! In my third year of Uni I had a wall that had about 50 post-it notes on it, and it could have been said that I had a ‘list problem’! (However, considering my flat had rats, which I am allergic to, which was next to drug dealers that apparently never slept and that I was writing my dissertation and holding down a part-time job so I could afford to eat – but not afford to heat my flat, I would say that dealing with stress via post-it notes was the least of my problems!)

blank orange post it note with a green pin in it

So lists and dairy and planner-y type things are tools that I find super helpful to reduce the ‘mental load’ on my brain and keep me happy! I’ve got some of the things I’ve been perusing recently to share with you today…

The two sides of my personality (think half Pinkie Pie, half Twilight Sparkle – I’m a paradox!) had a bit of a fight this year about what sort of diary to get. Part of me wanted my usual, super grown up, super organised, sensible diary (which I’ve had every year for the past 5 years and I LOVE) and the other half wanted a Pusheen academic diary…

My usual diary is a ‘Life Book’ from Boxclever Press and they are awesome because of all the extra bits they put in – the removable shopping lists, the Holiday planning sections, the clear movable dividers! They’ve really thought of everything!

I love all the amazing Bullet Journal stuff I see on Pinterest, but I am well aware of my lack of drawing skills and I think I would just find it frustrating – or I’d make something so amazing I would want to keep it after putting all that effort in and then be too emotionally attached to my diaries to ever chuck them out! (and I have enough clutter, trust me lol)

SO after much dithering I ordered a slightly different version of my usual diary – The Family Life Book as it has all these separate columns which I’m going to use to separate planning Home Ed stuff for the kids, working on this website and also another project I’m working on as well as all the usual appointments and housework-y stuff too. (Because honestly sometimes if I don’t remind myself to do things like ‘clean bathroom’ and ‘vac up’ on certain days, these things slide!!)  Then I got this bumper set of Pusheen stickers to decorate it with, to satisfy my inner Pinkie Pie!

family life book 2018 2019 planner diary with pusheen the cat stickers
I’ve also had my eye on this Pad of Productivity from Katie Abey because it is so cute – it has a rainbow snail on it for chuff’s sake! If that isn’t enough to keep you motivated you could pair it with the ever-so-awesome Mug of Motivation!
rainbow pad of productivity by katie abey on etsy

I also love theese Pusheen sticky notes too!

A nice twist on the usual ‘to do’ list is sort of an ‘I’ve done’ list instead – these ‘Today I am Proud That I…’ sticky notes from the Blurt Foundation are awesome, perfect for jiggling our brains in to noticing something positive every day!


Happy Jackson stuff is always super cheery too, I just love this collection of post-it notes! And also this notebook, especially because “Step 3. Panic” is definitely a thing!

Of course not everything I organise is on old-fashioned paper! 😉 I also love using Evernote, which I initially started using as a sort of diary for Home Education as it was easy for me to upload photos (via the app version on my phone) and then write text faster from my laptop and organise everything in to handy virtual ‘notebooks’. However now I use it for organising all sorts and even as a ‘cloud’ place to write blog posts and organise photos and recipes.

So, tell me, what organising tools do you recommend? Do you like it functional or cute? Do you like it virtual or paper-based? Or are you a magical being that remembers everything and has no need for these things? (If you are then I am so jealous!)

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