What’s In My Winter Wellness Kit?

homeopathic remedies for cold and flu elderberry syrup

So ’tis the season to battle some serious germ monsters! Kids returning to school after the summer break seem to brew a great big soup of illness and it’s no surprise that they then ‘share the love’ with their adult carers! Just one week back in to term and my son caught a cold from Cubs which he then thoughtfully shared with his little sister. Yay.


To help with all the germyness here’s my go-to list for all the things I stock up on to keep everyone as healthy as possible for the Winter season:

  • Vitamin D Spray  – I like this 1000IU one, although they do various different potencies, but I only wanted to buy one for the whole family, so the kids get 1 squirt and the adults get 2 squirts each day in the Autumn/Winter months and I’ve found it really helps to reduce the amount of colds everyone catches. It’s more readily absorbed by the body in this spray form than tablets and it has a lovely minty taste which the children love.

vitamin d oral spray 1000iu

  • Elderberry Syrup – If you didn’t get round to making your own you can buy ready made syrups such as this Sambucol one, which is delicious and helps to reduce the severity and duration of colds and flu. (Shown here is the Kids one but they also sell a regular one and also an ‘immuno forte’ one which supports the immune system with zinc and vitamin C)

  • Probiotic Chocolates I love these ChocBalls from Bioglan, the ‘for kids’ ones are milk chocolate and have 1 billion live cultures per ball, they also do a dark chocolate one for adults that contains 2 billion (the dark choc ones are also dairy free!). I tend to just get the kids ones and eat them myself too just because the adult ones are expensive and these ones seem to do the trick! Not only do they taste great but our gut health is a really important part of our immune system so feeding it probiotics is a great way to support it.

  • Multivitamins – We currently have these super cute bear ones, but that’s only because we found them miraculously in Home Bargains for 99p! We tend not to stick to one brand for these, the Bassetts ones are pretty delicious too, and the Haliborange, although we tried the orange ‘burst’ ones with omega 3 fish oil in and everyone thought they were super gross, so perhaps not those.. although to be fair it is hard to make fish oil taste nice!

  • Weleda Cold Relief Spray – If you do succumb to a cold there are a wide variety of single homeopathic remedies that can help, however this combination spray from Weleda is really handy to have in your medicine cabinet.


  • Shuessler Tissue Salt combination B6 – this is another great combination remedy to have on hand and the soft tablets just melt in the mouth straight away, so if you have kids who are rather impatient when it comes to sucking homeopathic pillules (my youngest!) then these are great.


  • A.G.E(2) from HomeoForce – This is another homeopathic combination that I take in 30c potency, one a day, when I’ve come in to contact with someone who has a cold or flu, or if one of the kids catches a cold, then the rest of us will dose up with this to hopefully escape unscathed! If I do end up coming down with a cold (which is unlikely while I’ve been using this) then this is great for reducing the severity of symptoms and duration of the illness.

homeopathic pillules remedy bottle

So there you have it, that’s what I have armed myself with for the Winter germ-fest! I hope this list helps you stock your medicine cabinet too (well okay, ours just lives in a box on top of the fridge..)

Do you have any favourite items or remedies that you always stock up on? Let me know in the comments!

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