Pink Hot Chocolate (df, vegan, sf, gf)

plant based hot chocolate with beetroot, dairy free, sugar free with vegan whipped cream in a cute foxy mug

There’s beetroot in this hot chocolate. There, I said it. Now you’re probably thinking “beetroot… are you fucking mad, Kirstie?” and while you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that generally – on this occasion I need you to hear me out!

Beetroot is one of those veggies that I find difficult to get into my kids, I personally LOVE the damn stuff and eat it regularly, but my kids are totally put off by its earthy wonderousness and are generally repulsed when I offer it. (Apart from some Christmas tree shaped beetroot tortilla chips they had in Aldi last year..) However they have eaten beetroot chocolate cake before and so riffing on that theme I thought what about beetroot hot chocolate?!

I’ve made this using my homemade oat milk, but it would work with any dairy-free milk, especially the creamier ones like Oatly Barista. If using homemade oat milk be sure to heat the milk GENTLY, if you let it boil you’ll end up with custard instead! (I know that might not be such a bad thing really, and if you do accidentally end up with custard may I suggest making an ’emergency’ mug pudding to go with it?!)

beetroot pink hot chocolate in a fox mug with agave syrup, oat milk, beetroot juice and cocoa powder

Combining the health benefits of both raw cocoa powder and beetroot juice and containing no refined sugar, this upgraded hot chocolate recipe is a great way of offering plant-based goodness to your kids in a way they might find more appealing.

Also this might be the perfect recipe for Valentine’s day or a unicorn themed snack!

The first time I served this I didn’t declare it’s beetrooty secret straight away. Although the pink-ness might only blind some children….

My 5 year old: OH MY GOD! It’s pink! I’ve always wanted a pink hot chocolate because it’s my favourite colour! *devours eagerly*

My 9 Year old (sipping suspiciously): What flavour is this meant to be?…. Why is it pink? … What did you use to make it pink?

However, even after I admitted that it contained beetroot, my 9 year old drank the whole thing so it’s still a win! My 5 year old refused to believe it contained beetroot and laughed at me…. *shrugs*

swirly beetroot juice and oat milk in a jug, ready to be made in to hot chocolate
Pink (Beetroot) Hot Chocolate: (dairy free, vegan, gluten free, sugar free) Makes 1 Mug (or 2 small mugs if doing for the kiddos)
  • 150ml Oat milk (like Oatly Barista or try my homemade recipe, or other dairy free milk)
  • 150ml beetroot juice (I’ve used Cawston’s here which is 90% beetroot and 10% apple with no added sugar)
  • 2-3 tbsp raw cocoa powder
  • Agave syrup or similar natural sweetener to taste
  • Combine the milk and juice in a microwavable jug and heat until warm (not boiling) – alternatively warm gently in a pan on the hob
  • Stir in the cocoa powder and sweetener until dissolved
  • Pour into mug of choice (but cute fox mugs are always a good choice) and top with vegan squirty cream if desired! (I’ve used Food Heaven brand from Tesco)

Want to smuggle some more veg into your kids disguised as chocolate? Try these Chocolate Courgette Brownies!

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