Dairy & Soy-Free Yoghurt Recipe

Sometimes it can be tricky or expensive to find a soy-free vegan yoghurt at the supermarket, even if there is a lot more choice now than there was 10 years ago when I first went dairy free! My youngest child is both dairy and soy intolerant and so making my own soy-free yoghurt has been … Continue reading Dairy & Soy-Free Yoghurt Recipe

Dairy Free Forest Fruit Ice Creams (df, sf, gf, vegan)

It's no secret that I love anything with Black-Forest-Gateau vibes, so I just had to make an ice cream/lolly that combined those flavours! It's raspberry and cherry season here right now so it's a great time to use those fresh seasonal ingredients in your recipes. I'm lucky enough to have quite a few raspberry canes … Continue reading Dairy Free Forest Fruit Ice Creams (df, sf, gf, vegan)

Homemade Dairy Free Ice Lollies

Is that.... is that the SUN?!? It's possible that we have our few days of British Summer this week (although honestly I'm not complaining too much, I really did not enjoy that freak heatwave last year!) and this weather calls for some ice lollies! My youngest is currently 4 and she is pretty much sassy … Continue reading Homemade Dairy Free Ice Lollies