Homemade Dairy Free Ice Lollies

Dairy free unicorn and chocolate ice lollies for summer by Kirstie Anne Wellbeing

Is that…. is that the SUN?!? It’s possible that we have our few days of British Summer this week (although honestly I’m not complaining too much, I really did not enjoy that freak heatwave last year!) and this weather calls for some ice lollies!

Chocolate vegan unicorn ice lolly in the sunshine

My youngest is currently 4 and she is pretty much sassy and annoyed by just about everything. She argues with me for the sake of it and is incredibly bossy and demanding! I’m just hoping I survive her childhood so that she can go on to be some sort of awesome leader one day (hopefully not of a prison gang!) Anyway, she is NOT happy about being dairy-free. She understands that dairy makes her tummy hurt, but she’s still pretty pissed off about that. Even more so when we walk down the ice-cream isle at the supermarket and she basically can’t have any of the awesome looking kiddie ice creams. 

Lucky for her I’ve been hoarding ice lolly moulds for years and now it’s their time to shine! First I set about making a chocolate variety (because chocolate is always a priority!) but then I saw her face when she wasn’t allowed the awesome ‘unicorn’ ice creams I just knew I had to have a go at something a bit more magical. 

So here are two different recipes for you to try that will make awesome dairy-free vegan ice creams that also don’t contain any sugar or artificial colours or anything else crap that you might feel a bit guilty about feeding your kids. Also even though these moulds are made of plastic/silicone they cut down dramatically on all those individual plastic wrappers so are better for the planet too. Yay for everyone! 

dairy free vegan ice lolly recipe moulds used - silicone

The moulds I have used are some silicone ‘calippo’ type ones (these are quite large, more for older kids or adults) and some awesome unicorn ones I got in Aldi last year, but these bunny ones on Amazon are similar and adorable! Also some little Annabel Karmel mini ones which are perfect for little kids as they actually eat the lolly before it melts everywhere! 

Chocolate Diary Free Ice Lollies (vegan, gluten free, sugar free):
  • 1x tin of coconut milk
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp coconut sugar

Basically whizz up the ingredients in a blender, taste and adjust the sugar/cocoa powder to taste, and then pour into the moulds and freeze! 

Unicorn Dairy Free Ice Lollies (vegan, gluten free, sugar free):
  • Frozen ripe bananas
  • Other bright frozen fruits or juice for different colours
  • Sprinkles!

First you need some frozen banana slices (freeze them when they’re nice and ripe and they’re at their sweetest), shove them in the blender, if your blender is like mine (i.e. a bit of a bellend) then you might need a splash of dairy free milk to get it going. 

When it’s nice and smooth, separate it in to a couple of different bowls and mix with juice or blend with other frozen fruits to get different colours. Here I used beetroot juice (you can’t taste it!) and frozen cherries and then just plain banana. Blueberry would be good too!

dairy free vegan unicorn ice lollies recipe with frozen banana and other fruit and vegetable juices for colouring

Sprinkle some sprinkles in to your moulds, for the mini-moulds I just popped sprinkles in first, but for the unicorn shaped ones I tried to keep the sprinkles in the mane and horn area! 

Spoon in the different coloured banana mixes, try swirling, layering or using different colours for different parts – like in the unicorn one I tried to use just banana for the horn, cherry for the mane and then pink beetroot for the face!

Pop back in the freezer for a few hours (I just do mine overnight) 

Dairy free sugar free vegan unicorn coloured ice lollies recipe using frozen banana nice cream

I hope you and your little ones enjoy these delicious vegan treats this summer! If you’re looking for some family friendly summer holiday health tips too then why not check out Homeopathy for the Summer Holidays?  Oh and don’t forget to come see what I’m up to over on Instagram

Kirstie Anne ❤

Close up of dairy free vegan sugar free unicorn ice lollies - magical!

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