Wild Garlic Hummus (df, gf, vegan)

Wild garlic is a delicious Spring treat! Fab made in to pesto, or chucked in a soup, it also is excellent in hummus! This is a super easy recipe, best made in a food processor, however we only have a blender and manage with that, it's just a bit of a pain in the arse! … Continue reading Wild Garlic Hummus (df, gf, vegan)

Hot Cross Cookies (df, gf, vegan)

It's nearly Ostara and Easter and what better way to celebrate than with biscuits? I do love regular hot cross buns, but making them both vegan and gluten free is a little on the challenging side! Biscuits however, is more in my range of ability! (Although I've named these cookies because I like the alliteration!) … Continue reading Hot Cross Cookies (df, gf, vegan)