Wild Garlic Hummus (df, gf, vegan)

Wild garlic is a delicious Spring treat! Fab made in to pesto, or chucked in a soup, it also is excellent in hummus! This is a super easy recipe, best made in a food processor, however we only have a blender and manage with that, it's just a bit of a pain in the arse! … Continue reading Wild Garlic Hummus (df, gf, vegan)

Lavender & Ginger Biscuits (gf, df, sf, vegan)

I love using lavender in cooking! The flowers are such a gorgeous purple colour and the smell is just heavenly. Many people report that the scent of lavender makes them feel more relaxed and less stressed, which can only be a good thing and I personally think a biscuit always cheers me up! These biscuits … Continue reading Lavender & Ginger Biscuits (gf, df, sf, vegan)

Chestnut & Parsnip Soup Recipe (vegan, df, gf)

In case you hadn't noticed, I just love chestnuts in everything! I put them in my pasta, in stuffing, in pies, even in truffles, and today I'm putting them in my soup! I've paired the hearty chestnuts with parsnips, which are my favourite root vegetable, for a comforting combination that is perfect for warming you … Continue reading Chestnut & Parsnip Soup Recipe (vegan, df, gf)