CBA Cookery: Easy Vegetarian Bolognaise Recipe

gluten free vegetarian bolognaise recipe

This recipe is super easy, for those days when you’re surprised you had the energy to drag yourself out of bed but apparently you have to be a responsible parent and keep everyone alive! I usually save some of the bolognaise sauce to make in to chilli the next day by chucking a tin of some sort of beans at it and smothering it with smoked paprika and chilli flakes. Nom.

As usual this is made with ingredients that you can have stashed away in the cupboard and freezer ready to save the day. I use Quorn mince in this recipe (although I’m not actually vegetarian) because it can be used straight from frozen so you don’t need to mess about defrosting or browning anything and it is often half price in Tesco at only £1.50 for a bag of 500g, so that makes it a fairly economical dish too. (Also eating less meat is good for the environment!) There’s also no chopping, everything just get’s chucked in the slow cooker! Yay!
CBA Cookery: Super Easy Bolognaise Recipe (v, gf, df depending on your cheese!) Serves 2 adults & 2 kids with leftovers for tomorrow:
  • 250g frozen Quorn mince
  • 2x tins of ratatouille
  • a squidge of squeezy garlic
  • stock cube of choice
  • Basil, salt & pepper to taste

quorn, squeezy garlic, basil and tinned ratatouille


Pretty much just chuck it all in the slow cooker, mix it up and pop on high for about 2 hours. You can also do this on the hob too, let it simmer away for 25-30 mins. I like to do it in the slow cooker because I can prep it when I get a minute and then forget about it until tea time, which is easier than stirring things while ravenous children hang of my limbs and whinge at me if I leave it until later!

Also I think it looks waaaay more appealing unblended, BUT my kids, especially my son, can get all “OH MY GOD THERE’S VEGETABLES, AND THEY’RE TOUCHING!!!!!!” so I usually end up blending the tins of ratatouille before adding them to the slow cooker. (He knows the veggies are in there, he’s not offended by their existence, per se, just the texture of them! lol) You can also chuck in a tin of sliced mushrooms for some vitamin D.
super easy bolognaise chunky or smooth for kids
I usually serve it over some gluten free pasta or a jacket potato but my family also really love it on chips (as in fries, not crisps) with loads of (dairy-free!) cheese!
gluten free pasta with quorn bolognaise and grated cheddar
So there we go, hopefully that will nourish and warm you and your family on a low mojo day (with leftovers for the following one!)
If this recipe doesn’t tickle your fancy you could also try CBA Cookery: Super Easy Curry Recipe (gf, df) or CBA Cookery: Cheat’s Mushroom Risotto Recipe (gf) both of which are equally warming and super easy for these blustery autumn days ❤

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