Carrot Cake Traybake Recipe (gf, df)

gluten free, dairy free carrot cake recipe
I absolutely love carrot cake, it is my favourite! I once said that if I could get paid to do anything, then I would like to travel the world eating carrot cakes and reviewing them… which in hindsight, seems a little silly!

This is not a ‘healthy’ recipe (sorry!) but going on the basis of ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’ I’m going to put cake up there on my self-care list!

I have made the non gluten-free version of this carrot cake for years, but recently had to tweak it as my husband’s body is mortally offended by the presence of gluten. Which SUCKS when you love baking as much as I do, but hey, I’ve had to adapt!

I’ve used Carotino oil in this because of it’s gorgeous orange colour and health benefits, but if you can’t find any of that (I get mine in Tesco) then rapeseed oil or something similar would work too. I’ve also copped-out and used good old Betty Crocker icing because it’s dairy free and I’m lazy, but do feel free to use whatever frosting you like!

Also I’ve made this as a regular round cake as well, but you may need to adjust the cooking time depending on how deep your cake tin is.

Also, also, yes, you can make this with regular wheaty self-raising flour, use only 100ml of oil and don’t go crazy with the carrot or it might be a bit tooooo moist.

doves farm gluten free self raising flour, brown sugar, cinnamon, eggs, banana, carrot, carotino oil, walnuts
Carrot Cake Traybake (gf, df)
  • 125g Gluten Free Self Raising Flour (I’ve used Dove’s Farm because it’s basically the only gf choice at my supermarket, this one already contains xantham gum, so if you use one that doesn’t then you should add some of that too)
  • Pinch of salt
  • 2tsp Ground Cinnamon
  • 125g Soft Brown Sugar
    (Or sub coconut sugar)
  • 2 Eggs
  • 125ml Carotino Oil
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 ‘big carrot’, grated (I dunno, mine was as big as the banana.. which I know depends on how big the banana was, but er, just y’know, use your best judgement!)
  • 25g Walnut Pieces
  • Frosting (I’ve used Betty Crocker ‘Cream Cheese Style’ for this as it goes best with the carrotyness)
  • Pre-heat Oven to 180C/160C for fan oven/350F/GM4
  • Either line a brownie pan or roasting tin or something with greaseproof paper (like me, because I hate washing up), or grease it with butter/marg
  • In a large mixing bowl combine the flour, salt and cinnamon (carefully – because damn that rice flour gets EVERYWHERE and all up my nose!)
  • Stir in the sugar
  • Measure out the oil in a jug, add the eggs and beat together. Then add that mix to the dry mixture.

(Check out the colour of the Carotino oil!)

very orange carotino oil in jug with fork
  • Mash your banana and mix that in.
  • Grate your carrot and mix that in too. (I just use a cheese grater, I also peeled my carrots first but that’s up to you)
  • Finally mix in your walnut pieces.

My glamorous assistant helped with the mixing:

purple mixing bowl with ingredients in being mixed by child
  • Pour in to your tray and level out.
  • Shove in oven for 20-25 Minutes. It’s ready when it’s a lovely golden colour and a skewer comes out clean.
  • Wait impatiently for it to cool down
golden browned carrot cake fresh from the oven
  • Apply frosting & slice in to portions. If you want to be fancy you can put more walnut pieces on top.
gluten free carrot cake traybake all iced and sliced up

So there you have it! I hope you enjoy eating this as much as my family does. I’m off to work on some more yummy gluten free dessert recipes to share with you 🙂 (Although if you click on the menu up there ^^ you can select ‘gluten free’ under the recipe section and see everything in one place!)

Look after each other ❤

slice of gluten free carrot cake traybake with cream cheese frosting

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