Instant Porridge Recipe (gf, df, vegan, sf)

instant easy porridge oatmeal recipe - gluten free, dairy free, vegan, refined sugar free - pinterest pin with porridge in bowl

The weather has turned and I’m in full ‘Autumn Mode’ and that seems to involve a lot of comfort food! We love porridge for breakfast in this house, but I’m not really much of a ‘morning person’ so that means I’m always looking for ways to make things as easy as possible and meal-prepping this instant porridge is super easy!

I know some people swear by overnight oats – but the problem with me is I can never tell whether I’m still going to be in the mood for it the next morning! Also I’m just tired and forgetful on a night and likely to end up not making it, so if this sounds like you too then this recipe will hopefully work out a lot better!

quick and easy porridge recipe for busy mornings delicious flavours like cinnamon spiced apple close up

All you need to do is mix the base ingredients and then add whichever extras you want to form different delicious flavours. Then when it’s porridge time all you need is boiling water from the kettle! The flavour I’ve photographed for this article is raisin, apple and cinnamon.

The two key ingredients in base of this recipe (besides the oats of course!) are chia seeds and dried coconut milk. The chia seeds help to thicken the porridge and also provide healthy omega 3s, antioxidants and some protein and the dried coconut milk is a great dairy free alternative to regular dried milk and has a delicious creamy flavour. Using dried ingredients in this recipe means you can easily store this for a quick breakfast at home but also is perfect for camping or staying in a hotel room that only has a kettle.

You can either mix up individual portions as you need them or mix up a bigger batch as part of your meal-prep for the week.

The oats I’ve used are just regular, cheap oats, nothing fancy. However we discovered that not all cheap oats are created equal! So the Aldi ‘essentials’ ones, which are like 75p and come in a paper bag are PERFECT for this, but for some reason the cheap ‘stockwells’ ones from Tesco stay all ‘nutty’ and not-quite-cooked, so I wouldn’t recommend those! You can use gluten free ones if you need to – we did also experiment with ‘Delicious Alchemy’ brand of rice flakes, but they require a bit longer to ‘cook’, so you might need to leave them about 5 minutes to soften if you want to use those.

quick and easy gluten free porridge recipe, vegan, plant based breakfast, oatmeal. Ingredients on the counter here - whitworths chopped dates, ground cinnamon, dried chopped apple, coconut milk powder, chia seeds and oats
Base Ingredients (for one portion):
Optional Extras:
  • 1-2 tbsp of dried chopped dates
  • something sweet – I like a drizzle of Sweet Freedom syrup, if wanting to keep all the ingredients dried though coconut sugar would be a great choice instead.
Flavour Ideas:
  • dried raisins, dried apple and cinnamon
  • turmeric & cocoa powder
  • ground ginger & chopped dates (tastes like sticky toffee pudding!)
  • chopped nuts & cocoa powder
  • dried cherries & ground almonds (like bakewell tart, nom!)
  • spirulina – my kids like ‘monster porridge’ as they call it – would be good for Halloween!
  • Add your dried ingredients to the bowl you want to eat from (hurray for minimal washing up!)
  • Boil the kettle and pour over enough water to just cover the mix – this does depend on the consistency that you like your porridge to be! If you like it runnier or stodgier then adjust the water accordingly – you’ll get the hang of it!
  • Mix for a minute or so, as you stir you’ll find that it thickens nicely and it is ready to eat right away.
Delicious easy instant porridge recipe. Gluten free and vegan, dairy free breakfast idea. Apple and cinnamon perfect for autumn.

Enjoy your delicious easy porridge and let me know in the comments if you’ve had fun experimenting with any new flavours!

Looking for more tasty breakfast ideas that you can meal-prep in advance? Why not try these fruity breakfast bars or these healthy chocolate muffins!

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