Chestnut & Parsnip Soup Recipe (vegan, df, gf)

gluten free and dairy free chestnut and parsnip soup recipe pinterest pin.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I just love chestnuts in everything! I put them in my pasta, in stuffing, in pies, even in truffles, and today I’m putting them in my soup!

I’ve paired the hearty chestnuts with parsnips, which are my favourite root vegetable, for a comforting combination that is perfect for warming you up this week (anyone else got freezing fog all day?!)

One of my aims this year is to increase the amount of local, sustainable ingredients I use and I love creating recipes that use foraged or home-grown ingredients. (Although I never harvest enough chestnuts to keep up with my habit and might as well have shares in Merchant Gourmet. I can dream lol!)

I’m also challenging myself to eat a wider variety of plants every week, since the wider range of plants we eat, the wider range of gut microbes we have, and as we all know, gut health is super important to our overall wellbeing! Even if you eat meat too, squeezing in more plants is only a good thing!

Squeezing those plants in to our children can sometimes be a tricky task though and I’m always coming up with new ways to present different plants in different ways to see if they will appeal to the kids. This is a lovely smooth soup, which I find is tolerated more than lumpy soups/stews and my kids just love garlic bread so offering that to dip in the soup means at least some of the soup will get ingested!

vegan chestnut and parsnip soup in a white and red bowl on a wooden hedgehog shaped chopping board

This soup takes very little effort to make so it’s perfect for midweek dinner served with a warm part-baked baguette or garlic bread (Tesco have gluten free & vegan versions of these!) You could even make the soup earlier in the day and then chuck it in the slow cooker on low (or ‘keep warm’ if yours also has that setting!) for later. If you wanted the soup to have a bit of a spicy kick you could add some garam masala to taste.

Chestnut & Parsnip Soup (gluten free, dairy free, vegan) Serves 4
  • 1 stock cube (knorr do gluten free ones)
  • 500-700ml boiling water (depends how thick you want it, I’m bad at measuring, I just pour it out of the kettle and hope for the best!)
  • 3-4 ‘medium’ parsnips (but sizing vegetables always reminds me of that phrase ‘how long is a piece of string?’!)
  • 200g Chestnut puree (homemade, or 1 packet of the Merchant Gourmet stuff)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • (optional garam masala if you want a spicier version)
  • Peel and slice the parsnips and pop them in a saucepan, crumble in your stock cube and pour on the boiling water.
  • Simmer for 10-15 minutes until soft.
  • Stir in the puree
  • Transfer to blender and blitz until smooth
  • Transfer back to pan to warm through and season to taste, or put in the slow cooker to keep warm for later.
  • Serve with bread/garlic bread
easy chestnut and parsnip soup recipe for busy mums, close up on a spoon

Hungry for more soup recipes? Try out this easy vegan Tomtato & Ginger soup, or this quick and delicious Super Green soup!

Want to see what else I’ve been chucking chestnuts in? Follow me on Instagram!

Need some more comfort food for dessert? What about some gluten free Choc Chip banana loaf? It would be fabulous served warm with some custard *drool*

chestnut and parsnip soup in a white bowl on a brown hedgehog shaped chopping board. close up with black pepper

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