Double Chocolate Banana Muffins (gf, df, sf, vegan)

As I've mentioned before, I'm a bakery for breakfast kinda girl! I'm also not very much of a morning person and prefer things that are quick and pre-prepable (like my Instant Oats or Fruity Breakfast Bars). These double chocolate banana muffins are perfect for either breakfast or a filling after school snack for kids to … Continue reading Double Chocolate Banana Muffins (gf, df, sf, vegan)

Simple Christmas Cupcakes (df, gf, vegan)

Sometimes allergy-baking for or with kids can be a little tricky, but today I've got a simple easy cupcake recipe that will solve that problem! Since we home-ed, I love baking with the kids, it's great for maths skills, following instructions and teamwork and these cute little cupcakes are perfect for Christmas (or any other … Continue reading Simple Christmas Cupcakes (df, gf, vegan)

Spooky Spider Biscuits (gf, df, sf, vegan)

This recipe is super easy and perfect for baking with little ones this Halloween. The ground almonds in this recipe make the biscuits lovely and soft and chewy with a slight crispy outer and the spider design is really easy for children to do (great for developing those fine motor skills!) The main biscuit recipe … Continue reading Spooky Spider Biscuits (gf, df, sf, vegan)