5 Natural Remedies for Hay Fever

5 natural remedies for hayfever complementary medicine home treatments hay fever

That annoying scratchy feeling in the back of my throat reminded me that it is hay fever season once again! (sarcastic yay!) So I thought I would share my favourite remedy, that I use on both myself and the rest of my family, and chuck in some other natural remedies too so that you can enjoy Spring without wanting to scratch your face off. Not only are these remedies great for relieving your own symptoms but they are also safe to use on the kids too, so check out my 5 top tips to beat this season of sneezes, sniffles and sore eyes:

1. I flippin LOVE this Hay fever combination remedy from Helios, it’s what I use for me and my family and it’s even won awards it is that badass. The remedies within help with a wide range of hay fever symptoms from runny noses to itchy eyes and throats so this one remedy will sort out all your hay fever woes at same time. 

Helios homeopathic hay fever pillules 30c

2. This Rhinodoron nasal spray from Weleda (also available from Helios or Holland & Barretts) is fantastic for clearing and soothing blocked stuffy noses. Not just for hay fever use, this is handy to have in generally for sore, blocked noses from any allergy or colds/flu. (It’s suitable for use from 3 months old as well, which is good news if you’ve ever tried to breastfeed an angry baby with a blocked nose!)

Weleda Rhinodoron spray for hayfever relief

3. HayMax do several different balms, including a kids one, and they work by creating a barrier around your nose and eyes (you rub some on your skin) to trap the pollen before it gets chance to upset your system. These balms can also help with pet and dust allergies too so are handy to have in your medicine cupboard (well, it’s a plastic box in our house!) 

haymax range of balms

4. Up your intake of natural antihistamines such as turmeric and foods high in Vitamin C, which have been shown to reduce inflammation.  (You could also try a high-strength Vitamin C supplement). Turmeric could be drank as a tea or in a smoothie (I love both Pukka and Yogi teas for the turmeric ones they do!) Chamomile tea is also great, not only as a drink, but you can chill the teabags after use and use them as a soothing compress on itchy eyes!

Chamomile tea with flowers floating on top

5. Local Honey (if you’re not vegan) works best if you start taking it for a while before hay fever season, so it might be a bit late this year, as the theory is that ingesting honey will help to desensitise your body to the pollen. The more local you can get, the better as it will have been made with the flora local to where you live, which will be the same stuff that is irritating your body. 

jars of local honey on a kitchen worktop

So there you have it, hopefully these 5 natural remedies for hay fever will help you find some relief this Spring so you can get out and enjoy the sunshine!  Have you got a favourite natural hay fever remedy that’s not on my list? Share it in the comments below!

While you’re out and about you might need some of the remedies mentioned in this article too! Have fun ❤️ 

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