Carrot Cake Traybake Recipe (gf, df)

I absolutely love carrot cake, it is my favourite! I once said that if I could get paid to do anything, then I would like to travel the world eating carrot cakes and reviewing them... which in hindsight, seems a little silly! This is not a 'healthy' recipe (sorry!) but going on the basis of … Continue reading Carrot Cake Traybake Recipe (gf, df)

What’s In My Winter Wellness Kit?

So 'tis the season to battle some serious germ monsters! Kids returning to school after the summer break seem to brew a great big soup of illness and it's no surprise that they then 'share the love' with their adult carers! Just one week back in to term and my son caught a cold from … Continue reading What’s In My Winter Wellness Kit?

My Favourite Organising Items!

So, I bloody love stationery! There's just something about September and that general feeling of newness that comes with it. I could blame too many years in Education (both as a student and for work) and my general love of Autumn, but it really feels more like 'new year' than actual new year! And new … Continue reading My Favourite Organising Items!

CBA Cookery: Super Green Soup Recipe

Hello again! Back today with another instalment of the 'Can't Be Arsed' Cookery series - recipes for when you have zero cooking mojo but could really do with something resembling actual food! This veggie soup recipe is seriously easy but packed with nutrients thanks to the awesome spinach and also happens to be gluten free … Continue reading CBA Cookery: Super Green Soup Recipe

Winter Wellness: Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Hey there! Back today with an awesome winter wellness recipe for you - Elderberry syrup! Elderberries are renowned for being flu-fighting and full of vitamin C, this recipe turns them into a syrup that you can take by the spoonful to ward off bugs and also as a base for a delicious hot drink that … Continue reading Winter Wellness: Elderberry Syrup Recipe

CBA Cookery: Coronation Chickpea Deli Filler Recipe (gf, df, v)

Helloooo again! I'm back with another super easy 'CBA Cookery' recipe! This recipe series is for days when you have no mojo but need to feed yourself something vaguely resembling actual food, or maybe you have a partner or children that are demanding you feed them (AGAIN!) and you need to pretend you're not a … Continue reading CBA Cookery: Coronation Chickpea Deli Filler Recipe (gf, df, v)

Take Your Meds Or The Kraken Will Eat You Alive

'Survivors' of depression often have the realisation that this never ends, it never goes away. You're in the sea, waves choppy, disoriented, and the Kraken lurks in the deep. Beneath the shadows, tentacles poised. Always there. You're treading water. Every now and then a tendril coils around an ankle desperate to pull you under but … Continue reading Take Your Meds Or The Kraken Will Eat You Alive

7 Day Positive Living Challenge! With free e-book!

Sometimes our own brains can feel like our worst enemies! Life can be tough by itself, but add in a constant stream of negative news stories, whinging co-workers and a social media feed scattered with people who make you angry or bring you down and that's just a big fat recipe for overwhelm and anxiety … Continue reading 7 Day Positive Living Challenge! With free e-book!

Beat Back To School Anxiety

Whether it's worries about starting a new school or being in a new class, or fear of going back to the place with the same old bullies, the run up to the start of the new school year can create a ton of stress in our kids. During stressful times like these it's important to … Continue reading Beat Back To School Anxiety

Super Easy Three Bean & Mint Salad Recipe (gf)

Today I'm sharing a super easy Three Bean & Mint salad recipe. This is not quite part of my 'CBA Cookery' recipe series because it does actually involve chopping something *gasp*! However it is still pretty quick to chuck together and makes a great side at a BBQ or alone as a healthy lunch (although … Continue reading Super Easy Three Bean & Mint Salad Recipe (gf)